As we get older, it seems to me that it becomes increasingly difficult to find ourselves feeling that effervescent sense of delight. I look at my kids and they’re constantly expressing delight: The delight in seeing the next door neighbor’s cat visiting again! Delight in a big bag of candy! Every single new Marvel movie is a big, heaping douse of delight (much to my chagrin, because they’re not all equally worthy). They express delight in me walking in the door most days, delight in being able to stay up later than usual, and unbridled delight when they master a new skill, regardless how small (from a piano piece to nailing a video game sequence to defending another goal from going in, in soccer).

There are probably a heap of reasons why we adults tend to feel less delight, in general. Work obligations and the repetitive, rote nature of much of what we need to do daily, we’re more aware of the suffering in the world and perhaps it clouds our days, obfuscating potential moments of delight, we’re less attuned to novelty, we become less curious, less playful, generally ever-so-much more serious. But it doesn’t have to be this way and I’m hoping to chronicle more of what delights me in this space. For starters, in just the last 48 hours, here is a list of things that have crossed my path that are absolutely delightful:

  1. This New York Public Library podcast of a conversation between actor and filmmaker, Isabella Rossellini and evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen. I have long adored Rossellini for her talent, beauty, grace and intellect. But you MUST listen to her talk about her chickens! She expresses such joy, curiosity and deep wonder at so much around her. It must be her secret to staying so young (she’s 65, but sounds like she’s 25 and just about to burst with all that she wants to learn, experience, see, and share).Isabella Rossellini and Menno Schilthuizen
  2. This video of a bunch of everyday people stopping on the street to look through a telescope at the moon. It is absolutely infectious to watch the spontaneous yelps of delight expressed by young and old, as they catch a glimpse of the bright orb we think we know so well.
  3. This wonderful documentary about the unprecedented designer, Milton Glaser. It is called, most appropriately: Milton Glaser to Inform and Delight. I love everything about this doc, but especially the way it so clearly demonstrates how Glaser feels delight in so many, many things and especially in communicating these things to us. Oh, and I could listen to that NYC accent forever.

* This post is part of a 26-week series, shared with my son, at Julian Jotting

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