Writing what we know

I’ve taken on a joint writing challenge with my son, Julian. In an effort to kick-start both of our writing practice, we have taken on a playful co-project in which we will spend the next 26 weeks writing daily on random (or not so random) topics that come to mind. Each week covers one letter, with written blog entries that simply are about “what I know” that start with the letter of the week. The fun will be both writing daily and reading each other’s entries: What does an almost-12-year old boy and a 48-year old woman know? There are other reasons I’ve taken up this challenge, but let’s see if I can uncover them through the project’s unfolding.

The only rules:

  1. Write daily.
  2. Do not read the other’s entry before writing your own.
  3. Don’t over-think the focus word of the day.
  4. Post entries daily, no matter how dissatisfied you are with the result.

Ready Juilan Jotting? Go!