I’m not a big fan of talking about myself in the third person, but for those who need a quick cut-and-paste, for media or conference use, here I am:

Isabela Granic did her undergraduate and graduate work in Toronto and got her PhD at the University of Toronto in developmental psychology. She is currently Professor and Chair in the Developmental Psychopathology department, in the Behavioural Science Institute, at Radboud University and Director of the Games for Emotional and Mental Health (GEMH) Lab. Her research identifies what sorts of interventions work for anxious, depressed and aggressive children and adolescents, why they often fail to work, and how to use interactive media and applied games to radically improve interventions. The mental health benefits of gaming and the development of radical new models of social media, are currently her main foci of research (a list of ongoing and published studies).

MORE: By integrating clinical and developmental research with interactive media design, we are creating a suite of evidence-based games and interactive apps. These games can be used for intervention purposes, as well as to study emotion-regulation processes more rigorously, in contexts that are motivationally compelling for children. Critically, we are committed to commercially deploying our evidence-based games so that they can be widely disseminated, with unprecedented potential to slash the prevalence rates of anxiety and depression in youth. These same games can make an enormous impact in school settings where socio-emotional learning methods are being sought, yet so few validated games exist.